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Career opportunities in Brighton, Sussex and London

Entry-level & graduate

We are extremely proud of the advice and interview support we give to our graduate 
(and non-graduate) candidates


Success in Brighton

Annie - placed by Red Robin in sales


Annie wanted to earn more money but wasn't sure how!?
She wasn't sure about "sales" either, but Annie was open to having a conversation....she realised that the opportunity ticked many of her boxes - a professional, international, high pace environment where her main focus would to be building long lasting relationships.
Annie loved her new job in sales and within 6 years tripled her salary, whilst enjoying commission on top! 

Cameron - placed by Red Robin in Tech Recruitment


Cameron, a non graduate from New Zealand who loves living in the UK was promoting phones in the likes of PC World.  Looking for a career, and for sponsorship to stay, we introduced him to Tech recruitment. Cameron wasn't sure at first because he'd heard a horror story. However he was willing to explore, after connecting with the hiring manager,  he was employed!
That was  6 years ago, Cameron is still in Brighton and in the Tech Recruitment industry now! 

Alice- placed by Red Robin in Business Development


Alice came to Brighton from Italy after Graduating. She was working in retail and looking for a career. Red Robin spotted Alice's potential and recommended a Graduate Business Development position, jump forward 6 years - Alice is the Sales Director at the same company!!   

Stephanie - placed by Red Robin in Recruitment

Stephanie B_edited.jpg

Stephanie emigrated from Australia to Brighton in 2021.  Previously she worked in property., but was struggling to find a property company in the UK to sponsor her visa. Recruitment, being a more lucrative sector tends to be more open to sponsorship. Our recruitment client loved Stephanie's previous experience and energy, they offered her a great salary and the sponsorship opportunity she needed! 

Roberta - placed by Red Robin in Business Development

Roberta (1)_edited.jpg

After Graduation Roberta travelled for three years before landing in Brighton in need of a job. She applied for a Customer Service position, but we thought her strong academic ability with expectational communication skills would be better utilised in a higher paying Graduate Business Development position.
Roberta was very sceptical, thankfully her partner persuaded Roberta to explore the process. Fully supported by Red Robin, Roberta realised her perception of "sales" and the reality of the the company and position where quite different. She got the job and 7 years on she is now a senior manager in the same company. 

Pete - placed by Red Robin in Legal Recruitment


After University Pete was running a pub in London. He was looking for an entry level opportunity in sales or recruitment. Red Robin was able to match Pete's personality and skill set with a Legal Recruitment firm. Pete went on to become the most successful recruiter in the team, some five years on Pete is a Director in the same company and has been busy training up new Graduates in Legal recruitment. 

We have placed hundreds of Graduates and Entry Level/Second job candidates into commercial careers

We are ALWAYS looking for career-driven individuals

For a no-pressure, confidential chat we are only a call or an email away

The process - getting a career with
Red Robin

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Apply for a position through Red Robin or send us your CV directly expressing interest in Graduate recruitment


Have a call with Red Robin, we want to get to know you. By getting to know you we can work out which opportunities best suit your career goals, skills and personality


If you want to proceed and we think you could be great for a current vacancy, you will be sent company website and job spec to review.  We will also make you aware of the interview process and what to expect. 


Read the info sent on email and confirm your interest. Then we will work on your submission, giving you the best chance to be invited for interview - this stage may well involve an online meeting with a Red Robin Consultant. This is for us to get to know you better - meaning we can really champion you for interview selection.


You are invited to an interview! We arrange a 45min preparation call with you. This is to go through your knowledge of the company and position, as well as practice your killer interview answers. You will finish this session feeling pumped and fully prepared for the interview. 


The interview! You will attend and call us after the interview so we know how you feel about it. Then we ask the company for feedback and let you know what happens next. This is usually a second interview, in which case we repeat this stage - offering you further tips and support along the way.


The OFFER! We hope to call you soon to make you a job offer. We give you time to process, discuss with family/friends, before accepting. At which point you will agree a start date, be sent a contract. Then you can CELEBRATE securing a life changing opportunity

Ok, so it doesn't always work out just like this, sometimes candidates do get rejected, but we will always feedback and offer additional opportunities if we can.

If we don't  think sales or recruitment is right for you just now, we will tell you - explaining the reasons why.

We will try to offer you advice and alternative options where possible. 

We always want to keep in touch!

Whether you get the job or not, we want to offer career advice and help you get to where you want to be.

We want more people to benefit from a significantly higher earning potential!

We also know the companies we recruit for and know they offer great 
environments and support for their trainees to give you every chance of success.


Please note to be considered you will need to be able to evidence a good academic record/strong command of English orally and in writing. Ideally, you will have a degree or strong  A Level/BTEC results. Commerical experience will also be considered.

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